About Us

We are The Ruling Robot Falcons, a Virginia State Champion FIRST LEGO League robotics team, based in Newport News, Virginia. We have been competing for 7 years.

FIRST Robotics is an international program that aims to give students the opportunity to discover how exciting and rewarding science and technology can be. The FIRST LEGO League competition incorporates something kids naturally love—LEGOs—and encourages students to develop problem solving skills and teamwork as they design, build, and operate LEGO MINDSTORMS robots to meet the year’s engineering challenge. Teams are also judged on their research of a real world problem and their ability to present their research a creative way. To learn more about the FIRST Lego League, click the image below:



I have been on our team for seven years, since I was 7 years old. My favorite aspect of FLL is the research project because it provides me with a way to solve problems in the real world with innovation and science. Through my FLL research projects, I have learned a lot about the value of native plants in our backyard ecosystems and how humans are interconnected with those ecosystems. My goal in life are to become a marine biologist with a specialization in cetacean biology. I want to go underwater researching the world’s largest creatures and I want to feel the joy of making a new scientific discovery. ~Luke


I have been on The Ruling Robot Falcon team for seven years, since I was 8 years old. My favorite part of the FLL is designing and programming our robot. I like it because there are so many different ways to be creative with solutions to a single problem. I love being at tournaments, because I love to see how other teams come up with different solutions to the same challenge. My goal is to become a mathematician. I love using math to create algorithms that will make our robot more accurate and efficient.  ~Joshua

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