We are The Ruling Robot Falcons!

We are a FIRST Lego League team from Hampton Roads VA. We started our FLL team in 2013 and have come a long way since then. We love the FLL because it involves solving real world problems with an innovative solution in the Research Project, and it challenges us to use our skills in engineering, creativity, and programming to send an autonomous robot down the board to score points by completing missions. It is so fun!!!

This year we have been working to solve the problem of polluted runoff entering our storm drains and running directly into our waterways. We have developed a kit for homeowners to assist them in building a buffer garden in their yards, blocking stormwater from entering their storm drains. To learn more about our project, visit our page about the BaySavers Buffer Garden Kit.

Developing our strategy for the World Festival 2018
Hydrodynamics 2017
Animal Allies in 2016
Trash Trek 2015
World Class 2014
Team Photo
State Competition, Nature’s Fury, 2013